Space Themed Portfolio

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As I am neither qualified to become an astronaut or even have the stomach to go on a rollercoaster – so It’s kind of out of my reach to go to space. However, I can always pretend.


Space has always wowed me. I’ve wanted to create some space inspired 3D work for a while, and whilst looking for a new job I wanted to present myself as a candidate who was trying to reach for the stars. After a little time researching space attire I opened up C4D to explore what I could create.


Exploring the horizons of a design was the theme, and I spent a good amount of time exploring different options for each section of my site. From satellites, to rockets it was a great way to learn some new modeling and rendering skills whilst having a great amount of fun.


After the renders were complete and the copy finalized, I wanted to take things a step further. So I coded various star fields to give the illusion of being in space in the helmet and keep loading time to a minimum rather than use video.


I feel the outcome really reflected what I wanted to achieve – to present myself as a designer who was exploring new things but had a vision of the future.

Our Wedding save the date

Posted in: Photoshop, Smudge Painting
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Save the date full

When I proposed to @LindseyNPeacock I mentioned that I wanted to design the save the date… She didn’t know what she was in for.


I’ve always been impressed with some of the smudge paintings I’ve seen floating around the web. With a little inspiration from some old 80’s movie posters and a Cintiq on hand, I decided to have some fun with our save the dates instead of doing something more traditional. After all, we wanted our whole wedding to be representative of us as a couple and throw a big party rather than do something formal.


So after a quick discussion with the fiancée whilst she was busy and couldn’t say no, I started planning something that would make my parents sigh and my friends giggle. A little bit risque, tongue in cheek and over the top seemed fitting for us.


As she hails from Atlanta, GA and myself from London, UK, we wanted to bring both of our personalities and histories into the visuals. Even though she’s a bleeding-heart Liberal and very anti-gun, Golden AK’s seemed appropriate alongside the waving stars and bars to keep things stereotypical. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to include eagles into the mix without going overkill, but I feel the save the date has enough without them.