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Analog-digital crossover

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I love my Fossil watch, but I also love my Fitbit. Why isn’t there a beautiful solution to crossover both analog and digital in a world of OLED?


In my opinion, nothing looks as great as an analog watch shining on my wrist, and for many years I wore a variety of watches (mostly from Fossil). Then all of a sudden as wearable technology started to kick off, I was interested in seeing what was on the market to replace that valuable real estate on my wrist. I was disappointed. There wasn’t much selection of watches that looked and felt great, but none the less I ended up getting a Fitbit Charge and wore it alongside my Fossil analog watch.


Wearing both wasn’t much of a hassle, but eventually, I wanted more from my wearable device and upgraded to a Fitbit Blaze. I loved what the Blaze could offer me as didn’t seem “too much” in terms of functionality. Nobody wants to be constantly bothered by a vibrating wrist after all. So off came the Fossil and on went the Blaze. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Blaze and I get withdrawal whenever I take it off… But I miss the elegance of my Fossil watch.


Over the last year I’ve only worn my Fossil watch once, which was at my wedding. It’s such a shame, but I don’t want to wear two watches and I want to keep my Fitbit on 24/7. I know there been a few devices which have entered the consumer space which does bridge the gap between elegance and fashion, but none of them ever made the cut for me. So I decided to create something purely conceptual, and here it is.


I can’t wait for the future of technology to combine with fashion on such items, and hey, maybe Fossil will release something I can wear but have all the functionality I desire from my Fitbit.

Watch Closeup
Watch Closeup