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Analog-digital crossover

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I love my Fossil watch, but I also love my Fitbit. Why isn’t there a beautiful solution to crossover both analog and digital in a world of OLED?


In my opinion, nothing looks as great as an analog watch shining on my wrist, and for many years I wore a variety of watches (mostly from Fossil). Then all of a sudden as wearable technology started to kick off, I was interested in seeing what was on the market to replace that valuable real estate on my wrist. I was disappointed. There wasn’t much selection of watches that looked and felt great, but none the less I ended up getting a Fitbit Charge and wore it alongside my Fossil analog watch.


Wearing both wasn’t much of a hassle, but eventually, I wanted more from my wearable device and upgraded to a Fitbit Blaze. I loved what the Blaze could offer me as didn’t seem “too much” in terms of functionality. Nobody wants to be constantly bothered by a vibrating wrist after all. So off came the Fossil and on went the Blaze. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Blaze and I get withdrawal whenever I take it off… But I miss the elegance of my Fossil watch.


Over the last year I’ve only worn my Fossil watch once, which was at my wedding. It’s such a shame, but I don’t want to wear two watches and I want to keep my Fitbit on 24/7. I know there been a few devices which have entered the consumer space which does bridge the gap between elegance and fashion, but none of them ever made the cut for me. So I decided to create something purely conceptual, and here it is.


I can’t wait for the future of technology to combine with fashion on such items, and hey, maybe Fossil will release something I can wear but have all the functionality I desire from my Fitbit.

Watch Closeup
Watch Closeup

Pinball Portfolio Theme

Posted in: Cinema 4D, Hyperrealism, Photoshop, Web Design
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Pinball Full

I’ve always had a soft spot for playing the old pinball machines. If I have a few spare bucks in a pub which has them, I know that I’ll try my hardest to get on the leaderboard.


Much to my disappointment, I have never managed to get on the leaderboard to input my 3 letters. However, I love the look and feel of the old machines, so decided to create my own rendering of a machine from scratch as a fun personal project.


I’ve been pretty lucky in my life and my career so decided to take inspiration from that and create a table called “Lady Luck” with a gambling theme. I also love to visit casinos when I’m out of town for a night out, so it seemed rather fitting to continue that theme on the table itself


I spent a lot of time going to and from Photoshop to Cinema 4D as I build the core components and the art to go on the table itself, along with all the materials to add the detail needed. I had some great fun with caustics, reflections and the glows on the table alongside introducing some exaggerated depth of field so the focus was on the centerpiece of the table.


Next time around I think i’ll remodel things a bit differently and create the whole table and animate it, which would take a while but I feel would be a great challenge!

Pinball detail
Pinball detail

VAANDAL office space

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Office Render

So after the launch of VAANDAL, we’ve been growing pretty quickly! We have an office now and I wanted to design my dream space in Cinema 4D before we moved in.


As we secured a lease at 340 King St E in Toronto, I was dreaming of how my desk would look in the exposed brick offices overlooking the distillery district.


I had a bit of spare time, so I wanted to show my business partner a few ideas of how to keep things simple but still looking great at the same time. So I opened up Cinema 4D and started modeling my dream setup. Strangely enough, after we moved in a set everything up, the final result didn’t look too different to what we had which was great!


I faced a few challenges in this piece, mostly around the cola bottles, but I enjoy playing with caustics in Cinema 4D and wanted to take advantage of that as much as possible. I love how glass can be rendered and will be trying some new things shortly to see how I can improve on refractions, caustics and reflections as a whole.

Office Detail
Office Detail